SMW FCU is a member owned financial cooperative, democratically controlled by its members and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift and providing credit at competitive rates. Credit unions differ from banks in that the members who have accounts in the credit union are owners of the credit union and elect their volunteer board of directors in a democratic one-person-one-vote system regardless of the amount of money invested in the credit union.

Policies governing interest rates, lending, operations, risk, budgeting and planning are set by the board. In general terms, the board's job is to set direction for and control the credit union. Their guidelines in this task are the wishes of the membership, credit union philosophy, and the requirements of all pertinent laws and regulations. Directors are responsible for ensuring that the credit union is operated in a sound and prudent manner. The board meets one evening each month and reports to the membership at the annual meeting. 

A subset of the Board of Directors is the Supervisory Committee. The Supervisory Committee is required by the Federal Credit Union Act. The Supervisory Committee makes sure an annual audit is conducted.

Directors are voted into their positions for three year terms. As terms expire SMW FCU looks to the general membership for new volunteers to become active members of the Board. People who apply should have a basic understanding of the credit union philosophy, a desire to help people improve their financial lives and the ability to think and plan strategically. Please call (651) 747-1500 if you are interested in becoming a member of our Board of Directors and ask to speak with someone from the management team.

Current Board of Directors 

Michael T. Day, Chairman

Scott W. Kloetzke, Director

James Wright, Director

Jay R. Strub, Director

Michael G. Trudeau, CFP, FIC, Director

Mark E. Szybatka, Supervisory Committee Chair

Please let our Board know your thoughts, concerns and ideas. You may contact them by writing to:

Board of Directors
700 Apollo Drive
Lino Lakes, MN 55014