Creating banking services that fit your busy lifestyle is what we’re all about. Find information about our credit union and the services we offer below.

Looking for something in particular? Feel free to reach out! We’d love to talk to you about the additional services we offer. 

Routing Number

Our routing number is 296-076-204. 

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Protect against theft, loss, fire, water, and other damage
  • Same protection as bank's own assets
  • Dual security of two-key system
  • Privacy when accessing your items
  • Various sizes available
  • Ideal for important documents, jewelry, heirlooms, photo/video, titles, and much more

NOTICE: The contents of your safe deposit box are not insured against loss by SMW Financial Credit Union or FDIC. You may wish to obtain your own insurance on the contents of your box.

Wire Transfers

  • Move money across the county, state, or world
  • Easy and fast to set up transfer
  • Domestic and International wire transfer capabilities