Maybe your 16-year-old self’s obsession with oversized spoilers doesn’t match up with your current taste in vehicles. Or maybe you’re looking for a bigger ride to fit your growing family. Whatever the reason for your new car needs, we’ve got you covered.

As your one-stop shop for auto loans, we have the tools you need to make buying a car or truck simple. Check them out below!


Financial Calculator

Before buying your new vehicle, see where your monthly loan payment will fit into your budget using your helpful calculator.


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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

GAP is total loss protection...and then some.

The moment you drive your vehicle off the lot, it depreciates about 20% on average. And you can count on roughly 15% decline in value each year for the next four years.

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged and deemed a total loss, you are responsible to pay the difference between what you owe and what your insurance company says your vehicle is worth.

GAP can help cover the difference and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

The amount you owe on your vehicle and the amount it is worth usually take very different roads.

GAP will assist you in covering the distance between them.

An Example:

Your loan lease payoff: $20,000

Vehicle value determined by primary insurance: -$16,000

Primary Insurance deductible: -$500

Your responsibility without GAP: $4,500

GAP will cover: $4,500

You owe after GAP*: $0

Most types of vehicles are eligible, and you can generally include GAP coverage in your vehicle loan payment. Ask your SMW Loan Officer for more details.

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)

The miles can add up but the repair costs don't have to.

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) can help deflect some risk of costly repairs keeping your vehicle running extra miles and extra years. With different coverage levels and deductibles to choose, there's a plan to fit your family's budget

Whether you depend on your vehicle for work or getting your family to school and activities, you need transportation that's safe and reliable. The older your vehicle, the more it takes to keep it in good working order. Not making small repairs can lead to even more expensive repairs and ignoring other repairs can be dangerous. 

Ask a Financial Services Officer for details or receive a quote by calling 651-747-1500 Option 2 to speak with a trusted advisor.

Benefits of the program*: 

  • Good at any authorized repair facility in the US or Canada
  • Rental Reimbursement: up to $35 per day for 5 days (or 10 days for a parts delay) from day one.
  • 24-hour emergency roadside assistance: up to $100 per occurrence. Includes towing, battery jump start, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock-out service.
  • Travel expense reimbursement: up to $500 for lodging, food and rental expense when a covered breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from home.
  • Transferable: if you sell your vehicle privately, the coverage can be transferred for a fee, adding resale value and appeal.
  • Cancelable: receive a full refund within the first 60 days or a pro-rated refund thereafter less an administrative fee.
  • No out of pocket expense at time of mechanical repair: (except for any deductible and any repairs not covered by the policy) — the covered repair is paid directly to the authorized repair facility by the plan.
  • Ask about deductible options

MRC coverage is available even if your auto loan is not with SMW FCU.

*Subject to certain exclusions and benefit limitations.