We offer the following types of overdraft protection: Overdraft Line of Credit (for qualified applicants), Overdraft Transfer and/or Courtesy Pay.

Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Must apply for this service
  • $10,000 maximum available
  • Advances are in $100 increments
  • For this convenient service there is a $25 annual fee in June

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Overdraft Transfer

  • Transfer automatically from available S1 Share Savings Account balances covering overdraft amount
  • $15 transfer fee

Courtesy Pay

  • Qualifying members receive this service automatically on checks and ACH (automated clearing house electronic transactions)
  • Debit card transactions are not included in the above mentioned Courtesy Pay Program. Members can agree to “Opt In” to have their debit transactions covered as well by filling out an Opt In form
  • For each item paid there is a $35 fee