Small change equals big savings with our Round Up Saver program that grows your balance automatically.

Key Features

  • Add-On Program for Accounts
  • Easy Way to Save
  • Automatic Transfers of Change
  • Simple way to grow your savings
  • Debit card purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar amount
  • Extra change automatically transferred into savings account
  • Can be linked to any of our savings accounts
  • Easier to balance checkbook

How It Works

Let’s say you use your debit card to buy a giant, overpriced candle for $16.48 (no judgement, we’re all about mood lighting too). The amount charged to your checking account would automatically be rounded up to $17, and 52¢ would be deposited to your savings account. It’s an automatic way to save — for the future or more vanilla cupcake scented candles!