Small change equals big savings with our Round Up Saver program that grows your balance automatically.

Key Features

  • Add-On Program for Accounts
  • Easy Way to Save
  • Automatic Transfers of Change
  • Simple way to grow your savings
  • Debit card purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar amount
  • Extra change automatically transferred into savings account
  • Can be linked to any of our savings accounts
  • Easier to balance checkbook

How It Works

Let’s say you use your debit card to buy a giant, overpriced candle for $16.48 (no judgement, we’re all about mood lighting too). The amount charged to your checking account would automatically be rounded up to $17, and 52¢ would be deposited to your savings account. It’s an automatic way to save — for the future or more vanilla cupcake scented candles!

To get started just log into your online banking account if you are a current member. Click on the MENU bar at the top left of the screen. Click on ROUND UP SAVER in the Services list. Follow the prompts and select your destination savings account you want to use. Be sure to click SAVE. That's it!  Your on your way to saving for a bright financial future. 


The Modern Day Coin Jar!

For example, here is what happens if you purchase lunch for $8.82 with your SMW Debit Card:

Item Price............................$8.82

Round Up to........................$9.00

Transferred to savings........$0.18

This service is FREE and it is easy, what better time to start saving than now?