What keeps you up at night? Very likely you worry about money, like not having enough. Or you just can't relax completely — even if it's the weekend — because you’re constantly worried about your budget for the coming months. We can help.

The first step is to improve your credit score. To start, we can review your credit history with you to find ways to improve your credit score. A higher credit score will give you cheaper loan rates which helps reduce your monthly payments, helping with monthly cash flow. Lower loan rates will also save you a lot of money on interest over the life of the loan. We might also be able to consolidate some of your loans into one payment.

Don't be embarrassed or intimated. We have all made mistakes. We talk with people every day that need to make a fresh start. The important thing is to take steps now to improve your future. 

We have recently launched our Member Advocacy 2.0 initiative and we are standing by to help. This program aims to improve your score in 9 months. As part of the program you and your trusted SMW Advisor sit down to review your current situation and draft a realistic plan to improve it. In 9 months, you come together a second time to see where you are. If your score has improved, we will deposit $50 into a Wealth Builder Savings Account for you. 

Once you have earned an 800 credit score you are entered into SMW's prestigious 800 CLUB. You will receive a "leading by example" certificate and will be invited to our annual 800 CLUB Dinner in November. 

Please call one of our trusted advisors to get started today: 

  • Nick Zahradka, Maplewood Branch (651) 747-1512
  • Chris Polo, Maplewood Branch (651) 747-1513
  • Matt Bohlen, Lino Lakes Branch (651) 747-1565