High interest rates can drain your bank account, but we can help! Transfer your credit card balance to the SMW FCU Rewards Credit Card and save money with a 4.9% APR that lasts until your balance is paid in full.

Why make the switch to the SMW FCU Rewards Credit Card?

  • No annual fee
  • Keep the 4.9% APR until your transferred balance is paid in full
  • Stay secure with built-in chip technology to keep your credit card protected
  • Earn cash back on all purchases or reward points that canbe redeemed for amazing merchandise or travel
  • This promotion is only valid through March 31st, so apply now!

    How to Apply

    Please give us a call at (651) 747-1500 and or 1-866-734-7233 Option “Service”

    *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate effective January 1, 2018, through March 31, 2018. The rate will remain in effect until the transferred balance is paid in full. New purchases (beyond the balance transfer) will be at a standard rate determined by the borrower’s credit history and ranges from 8.9% to 16.9% APR. Payments are first applied with the highest APR. **Reward is based upon what was chosen as reward type: cash back or rewards points. $25 deposit into an SMW Financial Credit Union Member Share Account required