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Basic Certificates of Deposit

A terrific way to earn steady yields without the risks often associated with investments.

  • Greater yields than savings account
  • $500 minimum to open
  • Terms from six months to five years

Basic Certificates of Deposit

  • Learn MoreWealth Builder Certificates of Deposit

    Wealth Builder Certificates of Deposit

    Unlike a basic CD, this CD allows you to make additional deposits at any time during your term.

    • Only $25 to open
    • Make additional deposits
    • Tiered rate system

  • Learn MoreStep Up Certificates of Deposit

    Step Up Certificates of Deposit

    Our Step Up CD allows you to bump up to a higher interest rate once during your CD's term.

    • Step up to higher rate during term
    • $500 to open
    • Terms are 30 months

  • Learn MoreTraditional IRA

    Traditional IRA

    Allows you to prepare for a secure financial future while your earning power is at its peak.

    • Earnings are tax-deferred
    • Tax-deductible contributions
    • NCUA insured

  • Learn MoreRoth IRA

    Roth IRA

    Contributions are not deductible, but there are no taxes—even on earnings—upon withdrawal.

    • All dividends are tax-free
    • Some penalty-free early withdrawals
    • NCUA insured

  • Learn MoreEducation/Coverdell IRA

    Education/Coverdell IRA

    This savings plan can help you pay for your children's tuition, books, and other education expenses.

    • Dividends grow tax-free
    • Tax-free distributions
    • No set up fees

  • Learn MoreSimplified Employee Pension (SEP IRA)

    Simplified Employee Pension (SEP IRA)

    Tax-favorable retirement plans for sole proprietors, small business owners, and their employees.

    • Works like a pension fund
    • Tax-deductible contributions
    • No taxes on yield earnings

  • Learn MoreInvestment Services

    Investment Services

    Personalized investment services available exclusively to credit union members.

    • Financial planning
    • Minimizing income taxes
    • Investment strategies